Beware Of SMS Forwarding Apps And Payment Link Scams By Companies like Tairs Worldwide

Jayden Seams
2 min readOct 13, 2022


In the financial world, a lot of veterans keep on pressing that one should not go near anything which they aren’t fully aware of or have a fair understanding of it.

But for cyberspace, there are no preachers and at the same time if there are any they are audacious enough to ignore such guidelines. There’s no surprise that such fraudsters like Tairs Worldwide, are busy defrauding and looting people.

Ignoring such cautions can put all your hard-earned money at risk which we believe you would never want to do. One such popular way is through payment link scams, which is not something very new but keeps on appearing here and there. The second popular way of frauding is via the automatic installation of malware through links sent via SMS forwarding apps. Let us take a close look at both of them to get a clearer understanding:

One thing common among both of these types of frauds is that they impersonate other while making contact with you, their most usual impersonations are of a customer-care executive from a service provider or even a bank official. They may try to make contact with you via phone call, social media, or text message.

Typically, such fraudsters ask for the victim’s confirmation details by an internet link or by responding with some type of personal information.

Scammers using SMS forwarding apps and links to con bank customers:

While pretending to be some executive from a bank, the fraudster tries to make contact with a customer and shares a link to a ghost portal. Further actions suggested by the dupe may include asking the customer to enter sensitive banking details like CVV or card number and expiry date, by doing so the customer unknowingly installs some malware on his/ her phone thus giving access to scammers of the sensitive pieces of information like OTP’s and 2FA.

Final Words:

You must take necessary precautions while dealing with such imposters. Thinking before acting should be your modus operandi, divulging any sensitive information should be strictly avoided and you should refrain from clicking on untrusted and unverified links and beware of scammers like Attilio Perna.



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