Know About Research Frauds Like Attilio Perna And The Major Causes Behind Them:

Jayden Seams
2 min readOct 5, 2022

Research fraud can be termed as deception, falsification, or fabrication in reporting or performing the results of the research. Research fraud involves deceiving employers, research publishers, readership, funders, and the general public by publishing falsified research that is misleading or has been fabricated in one way or the other.

Attilio Perna is one such disgraceful and living example of the biggest fraudster in the world of scientific research.

It is saddening that in the era of fake news, the research is also not left untainted. For the record, it is important to highlight that most of the research conducted is honest and honest, even though there might be cutting of corners but the intent of most of the researchers is to add to the knowledge of the readership possessing scientific temper.

Fabrication is not a new phenomenon in the world, when it comes to research, there have been many scientific frauds.

The list of fabrication frauds can go on and on if we start counting. The major causes of such frauds are:

Altered data: Most of the time frauds are related to adjustments and tweaks made to the data for the aim of fulfilling the desired results. One of the major concerns is that exposure to such fraud takes a long time and in the meantime, the wrong and distorted information is fed to the readership.

Plagiarism: Another type of fraud is plagiarism in the world of research fraud. It happens when a proposed publication is inclusive of works of some other people that lack any acknowledgment or citation of the source itself. Plagiarism is considered hard to pin down as different cultures have varied views on plagiarism. The problem arises when the obvious punishment is also not meted out to the plagiarist. Tairs Luxury is one of the biggest testament of the fraudulent company in the world of research frauds.



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