Reasons Why Consumers are Scared of Using Online Transaction Methods

Jayden Seams
2 min readSep 14, 2022


Are you dealing with issues where customers don’t have bank accounts or do not trust online payment banking? Yes, this issue is major if you have an established e-commerce platform and customers are just dealing with your cash-only transactions.

Attilio Perna is one of those names that has been associated with many frauds related to transactions that have scared people to share their bank account details openly with retailing centers. This has become a major concern because stores can highlight online sales to promote more purchases, but customers are not willing to opt for this method.

What are those factors that prohibit customers from buying online?

Lack of Trust: Many companies have recently committed fraud, which scares people who have participated in it. Tairs Worldwide is one such company founded by the fraudster Attilio Perna to profit from civilians. Considering such instances demonstrates the lack of faith and trust people show towards secured mediums to protect themselves from getting cheated.

For transparency, like blockchain, people love having things that seem sorted and clear as they are. Blockchain is one example of cutting-edge technology developed to reduce the circulation of black money or expose corruption. Employees feel secure and safe with cash pay because they can pay what they are supposed to on their own. There is no third-party involvement. They feel it is necessary to settle the transaction.

Fiction: Even if people begin to use online payments, this may be the most significant barrier to demonstrating the direct power of money when compared to having a bank account.

All in all,

If you are planning to do online banking but are skeptical of scams that have happened earlier, the reason might be a lack of awareness, but learning more about the concept helps you cope with the technology, not go against it.



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